Photographer Judy Throop

Judy Lynn Throop is a native Floridian, born in Miami and currently living in Okeechobee with a stop in Loxahatchee along the way.  Being a native Floridian she had the privilege of seeing most of Florida in its natural state.  This was especially true when she lived in Loxahatchee.

As a housewife she had time to explore her local surroundings and developed a love of all animals from cats to birds and even insects by observing them in their natural state.  Over the years Judy learned she could capture their innocence and essence with a camera.  She especially enjoyed the instant results of the digital camera.  Because of her love of animals she began volunteering at various animal rescue groups where she now takes their photos to assist in their adoption to loving homes.

Last year she became serious about her and joined the Okeechobee Nature Photography Group.  Not long thereafter she began showing to share her love of nature with her followers.  Her subjects never varied too far from her initial love, nature and animals, but she has a special relationship with cats and birds as well as a fantastic eye for insects on plants!