Lichtenberg (Wood Fracking) Steve Gilliland


Steve Gilliland is a native Floridian, born in Miami and currently living in Okeechobee with a stop in Loxahatchee along the way.  By trade he is a carpenter which in itself is an art form.  Being a carpenter Steve has developed a love of wood and what can be done with it.  He stumbled across Lichtenberg a number of years back and just recently has perfected his methods to create magnificent art works in wood.

Lichtenberg more commonly known as wood Fracking in the US is the process of treating raw wood with a mixture of baking soda and water then introducing high voltage to the wood.  The result is beautiful one of a kind pattern burned into the wood called a Fractal Burn.  This burn is a groove that can be left natural or filled with a colored epoxy creating stunning patterns in contrast to the remaining surface that is not burned into the wood.

Often Steve leaves the wood in its natural state and sometimes he highlights one or more Fractal Burns making the end result even more stunning.  More recently he has teamed up with his artist sister Judy Throop who adds softer natural touches such as sea shells or some items from nature to complement the work.

Due to the high voltage required Steve admits this form of art is not for every artist and he strongly recommends not to venture into this art form without guidance from someone who knows how to safely perform the wood burning with high voltage.

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