Michael Merriman, Artist


Born in Okeechobee Florida in 1989 and growing up as a native “Okee” Mike is deeply rooted in the Okeechobee Community.  Born with a moderate impairment limiting the use of his right hand and leg as well as a speech impediment, Mike has grown to accept his condition and to him he is not handicapped, just “different like everyone else”.  Over the years Mike learned to manage his handicap and, in the process,, he began sketching to express himself and communicate through his sketches.  At an early age Mike became interested in Low Rider Bicycles and eventually began to express himself by designing and building Competition Low Rider Bikes.

In the next phase of his life as a young adult he became interested in Radio Control Cars & Trucks where once again he realized he could express himself through the design and builds of these miniature machines.  It was not long thereafter Mike was introduced to acrylic on canvas painting.  Combining his keen eye for style and design he quickly adapted to the new medium and became quite the artist.

Mike’s subjects include seascapes reflecting his love of the ocean as well as farm tractors which is representative of his life in Okeechobee.  He also does a lot of commission work which consists of many different subjects selected specifically to honor a person or a person’s life.

In 2018 Goodwill Industries International honored Michael Merriman as the 2018 Kenneth Shaw Graduate of the Year for achieving professional success and exploring new ways to express himself.

Mike’s work can be found on his face book page as mike merrm.  Mike is also a resident artist at Park Street Gallery located at 513 SW Park Street Okeechobee FL.  He can also be reached there at 863-623-5513.